• Whitney Simmons Talks How The Gym Helped Her Grow Physically & Mentally

    Source: Gymshark

    Trials, we all face them you can fight like hell to overcome them or you can let them overcome you, consume you in everything you do. I didn’t fight, I let my trials get the best of me. I hit a setback and instead of fighting I did nothing, I felt worthless, I felt hopeless, and I decided to wallow in self-pity.

    It wasn’t until I decided to move back home that my dad mentioned I should start working out. That I should start
    weight training, he realized that I needed an outlet that I needed something to give me new reason and purpose or maybe just a remedy in the form of a simple distraction.

    I will never forget my first experience in the gym I left that day with mascara dripping down my face and the constant feeling that I was going to be sick but I went back I tried again and then again and quickly the gym became my escape, my escape from self-pity and doubt a place to grow physically and more importantly

    It’s important for me to enjoy my workouts and so I try new things, I experiment, I add pulses, I add dumbbells
    I add barbellsm and sometimes they are not traditional but it works best for me and it makes me happy and I love
    switching things up in the gym and it’s not what’s gonna work best for everybody but it gets me to the gym and it
    challenges me.

    Our health is a blessing we get to live inside this incredible machine, a powerhouse that I once took for granted. The gym has given me a place to push myself physically and mentally, put life into perspective and get my mind right.

    I knew pretty early on that I wanted to share my journey in hopes of helping
    just one person,  one person who may have been feeling exactly what I felt I
    wanted to help women feel strong again, to feel important to find their escape, to set goals and to reach them.

    Training has given me all of this it’s giving me my health back, there’s a certain beauty in the trials we face
    they make us who we are we overcome them we learn and we grow from them.

    My trials have let me see that each and every day is another beautiful day to be

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