Change Your Mindset By Ashy Bines

It’s hard sometimes, but if you change your mindset in the hardest times, anything is possible!

Video credit: Ashly Bines

In life we need to remember to breathe, breathing allows us to think clearly, move efficiently, recover fast, and keep us in a calm state to tackle each day with a fierce positive attitude to get the job done.

When we forget to breathe everything becomes overwhelming we can’t think straight we’ve become more emotional and feel out of control in some way or another and then we start to think inside our head instead of going with how we feel and what feels right for us.

So many people are scared to fail to fall down, afraid they won’t ever be able to get back up of this strong as what they thought they were.

We need to start switching our meaning of what failure really means, change it from thinking you’ve failed and there is no more options or opportunities instead change them into, this is just life show me that this is not the right path for me right now.

Thank the universe from redirecting your on to a different better path and from here what is my next step, my next move to get me in the right direction to success and achievement.

Life isn’t always easy for anyone we all have battles and struggles every single day, decisions to make, people to help, money to earn, a health to look after, family to take care of, grieving loss, awkward situations, and all types of emotions ups and downs.

We need to feel away through to learn and grow and then get to the other side. I just want to give a smaller minor to all of my beautiful ladies listen to this if you’re feeling overwhelmed lost or anxious and don’t know exactly where to turn or what way to go next that it’s okay.

Everything will be okay just take some big breaths try to figure out your next step. Reach out for help if you need it and decide right now that you deserve better in all areas of your life and you deserve more and you’ll make it happen for yourself without blaming others or relying on others to make it happen.

Becoming successful whatever success means in your eyes will be hard will be tiring and will take drive commitment and a lot of sacrifice it won’t happen overnight and you’ll be forever making mistakes, changing things, meeting new people, and new opportunities to move forward.

It’s up to you what you do next,  it sounds a little corny but Yolo, you only live once this is your life guess
who’s in control of your own happiness you.

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